Duration: 3 hours
Location: Rome

Have the privilege to visit the House of Emperor Augustus now open to the pubic after years of restoration.

The Augustus House Tour is an high tailored tour to let you explore the House of Emperor Augustus with its wonderful frescos. After years of excavations and a long restoration finally the House is open to visit. With your Private Guide you will see one of the wonders of the Ancient City of Rome, the private House of the first Roman Emperor, and the House of his wife Livia. Then guide will take you to discover the whole Palatine Hill, Palace of the Emperor, a visit to the Palatine Museum to see the masterpieces were part of the Palace and Romulus Huts, the site of the village founded by Romulus that became the Capital of the Empire.

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  • Meeting Place

    Your personal private Licensed Guide will wait fro you by the Colosseum that is easy to reach, then will take you to the sites straight in skipping all lines.
  • Route

    Arch of Titus, Palatine Hill, Domus Augustana, Stadium, Peristyles, Augustus House, Livia House, Romulus Huts, Palatine Museum.
  • Group Size

    Augustus House Tour is rigidly a private tour, not group tour. Group size is your party size.

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Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus Augustus was born in Rome September 23rd 63 BC, he is the founder of the Roman Empire becoming first Emperor January 16th 27 BC ruling the Empire for 41 years. He married three times, Clodia Pulchra divorced 40 BC, Scribonia divorced 38 BC and Livia Drusilla who remained his wife until he died August 19th 14 AD.


Also know as Julia Augusta was the Empress consort of the Roman Emperor Augustus, she was the first “First Lady”. Mother of Emperor Tiberius, Grandmother of Emperor Claudius, Great-grandmother of Emperor Caligula and Great-great-grandmother of Emperor Nero.

Roma Quadrata

“Square Rome” was the area within the original border marked by Romulus along the Foundation of Rome. Roma Quadrata date the earliest stage of the City’s formation on summit of Palatine Hill.

Contact us at info@newromefreetour.com for availability, booking procedure and cost.