Duration: 3 hours
Location: Rome

Rome is still a City to be discovered, main part still underground. With us you will visit the Colosseum and the underground Rome 20 meters below the modern City. This is one of the most spectacular tour we offer.

Colosseum and Underground Rome is one of our most spectacular and successful tour we offer. Adults and children find it very educational, it’s a kind of Time Machine that let you explore several historical layers by real down to the depth of the excavations of underground Rome. Tour includes the Colosseum to see the venues of the Gladiators fighting, then move to the Ludus and go and see the famous fresco from the IV Century of the “Miracle of the Azov Sea” in the the Underground Basilica, and still deep down the visit Pagan Temple, Mint, underground water spring and more. You will never forget this tour, it will be the highlight of your visit in Rome.

  • Meeting Place

    Your personal private Licensed Guide will wait for you by the Colosseum and take you straight in the sites skipping all lines.
  • Group Size

    Colosseum and Underground Rome Tour is strictly a private tour, not group tour. Group size is your party size.
  • Notice

    This tour may not suitable for people suffering claustrophobia due the deep underground level of the excavation and the confined places.




Gladiator training School, the biggest in Rome was Ludus Magnus close the Colosseum. The excavation of Ludus Magnus become in 1937. It appears in some fragment of the marble map of Rome, Forma Urbis, the oldest “map” of the Eternal City realize at the age of the Empire.

Azov Sea

The Sea of Azov is a sea by the Crimea linked by the Strait of Kearch to the Black Sea. It’s the place where St. Cyril and St. Methodius found the relics of Pope St. Clement the First.

Roman Mint

The first Roman Mint was by the Capitol Hill close the Temple of Juno Moneta which name is source of the english word money. Another mint was between the Oppian and the Caelian Hills.

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