The Colosseum will have no more secrets for you after this tour that includes all the levels from the dungeons to the top.

Our guides offer an amazing private tour to the Colosseum to discover the story, the anecdotes and the real facts of 19 Centuries ago. Due restricted number of visitors allowed in the subterranean area we offer only private tours, reservation is requested. In the Underground area you will discover the highly sophisticated system of trapdoors, ramps and counterweight, on the Arena level you will feel like Gladiators stepping on the Fighters battlefield, at the Third tier you will enjoy a breathless view of the Amphitheater and Monuments around.

As all our Colosseum Underground Tours are no-line tours, your personal private guide will have tickets and reservation codes to skip the lines. Contact us at for availability, booking procedure and cost.


    To be a private tour there is not a specific meeting place or meeting time due everything will be tailor made to measure by your private licensed guide as best for you, however subject of the time slot supplied by the Archeological Department of Rome in order to visit the dungeons.

    Colosseum Underground level, Arena level, First, Second and Third tier.

    This tour is for a party of maximal 4. If you party exceed 4 it is possible to customize for a bigger party but subject of passes availability.

Colosseum Privileged


Is considered one of the greatest works of Roman Engineering and Architecture is the largest Amphitheater in the world. Build in the 1st Century by the Flavian Dynasty to be the biggest Amphitheater of the whole Roman Empire used for entertainment from 1st Century to the fall of the Empire.


Born in Rome on December 39AD, is best know for completing the Colosseum. Son of Emperor Vespasian was Roman Emperor from 79AD to 81 AD becoming first Roman Emperor after his own biological father. As second in command of his father in summer 70AD after years of war he succeeded in breaching the defense of Jewish in Jerusalem.


In Latin stand for hunting. Slaying of wild animals was one of the forms of entertainment in Roman Amphitheaters. The most popular animals in Venationes were lions revered the their ferocity and strength.

Contact us at for availability, booking procedure and cost.