New Rome Free Tour has recently started the mission to connect visitors to local people and to help them “Eat like a Roman”

In order to preserve food cultures, customs and recipes that comes from farms, markets, restaurants and homes.

They believe that Food has the outstanding power to connect people to each other and to the land they’re visiting.

When you understand where the food you are eating comes from and the field where it grows, that food becomes part of understanding a land!

Our street food tour will take you to a mix of Rome’s most famous food stops and tiny, family-run gems, where you’ll get to meet the passionate people who are dedicated to create this city’s cuisine, talk ingredients, recipes, and traditions.

We truly want to know you and get inspired by you. On top of that, we’re happy to personalize your tour if you have special wishes or curiosities, therefore our food tours guest a maximum of 13 people.

During our street food tour we will show you Monti district that is one of Rome’s best kept secrets, let us reveal it to you through this three and a half hour itinerary.
We will sample our way through some of Rome’s best up and coming restaurants, street food stops and wineries.
This quarter is a perfect example of the Italian contemporary food scene where 4th generation restaurateurs now cook next to innovative chefs and ideas.

Monti is renowned for being an almost exclusively Roman neighbourhood, lacking the usual masses of tourists despite being only a few steps from the Colosseum.
Riddled through with magnificent roman forum remains and picturesque photo opportunities our expert guides will be taking you on a journey of art and food in order to better understand the essence of this neighbourhood.