Duration: 3 hours
Location: Rome

With our guides closed doors are opened, and locked gates are magically unlocked.

Discover the secret beauty of Rome with us.

Out of the route of massive groups we create this itinerary to show and let you discover a different side of Rome. Our tour cover part of the Medieval monuments of the City taking you back in time at the Dawn of the Christianity and discovering the subterranean venues of the Roman Empire. In 3 hours you will see 10 Century of History, with our guides you will access to areas usually closed to the public. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and charge well your camera’s battery. To be local Licensed Guides we know the Secret of the Eternal City, this tour is made for sharing with you.

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  • Dress Code

    In order to visit the Churches and Cloistered Convent part of this tour need to follow the appropriate dress code: too short skirts and too short pants not allowed same if wearing sleeveless shirts, knee length for skirts and pants, shoulder must be covered.
  • Group Size

    Secret Rome Tour is a private tour, not group tour. Group size is your party size.
  • Meeting Place

    Your personal private Licensed Guide will give you all information regarding meeting place and meeting time once will contact you in order to finalize booking.

S Stef Rot


Mithraism was a mystery religion practiced in the Roman Empire based on seven grades of initiation. Rome was the center of this cult, very popular in the Roman military. Mithraism has been view as rival of early Christianity and sometimes viewed to had a lot of influence to the Christianity.


Pope Joan was a mythical female Pope who reigned during the Middle Ages with the name of John VIII from 853 to 855 making believe to be a man. Legends, myths and old stories mixed up along the Centuries creating the first and only female Pope who gave birth exposing her sex while was riding horseback by Saint Clement Basilica.

Santo Stefano “Rotondo”

“Rotondo” means “round”, the ancient Church was build on roman barracks and a roman Mithraeum by Leo I in 460 and consecrated Pope Simplicius. The most ancient example of a centrally planed Church, the circular plan was inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The complete name is Basilica of St. Stephen in the Round on the Celian Hill. The central ambulatory has a diameter of 42 meters with 22 Ionic columns.

Contact us at info@newromefreetour.com for availability, booking procedure and cost.