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TripAdvisor - New Rome Free Tour
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TripAdvisor - New Rome Free Tour
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NEW ROME FREE TOUR, hereafter referred to as NRFT, is a Foundation formed by local Licensed Guides and volunteers to encourage understanding of Roman culture, its traditions, history and way of life for foreign tourists. NRFT guides will be wearing the Official Guide License and will hold at the meeting place mentioned on the booking form a badge which displays the NEW ROME FREE TOUR logo.

Any and all persons who request and/or utilize the services of NRFT will be referred to as “guest(s)” hereafter.


NRFT offers two  (2) free tours per day:  Ancient Rome Free AM tour and City centre free PM tour. In order to be part of the free tour offered by NRFT booking is requested. Booking the tour guest(s) accept(s) all NRFT Terms and Conditions. To be part of the Free Tour offered by NRFT reservation is mandatory.
In order to avoid missing important information we advice you to print your ticket.
Guest can make only one ( 1 ) reservation per each tour, AM and / or PM, Multiple bookings for the same tour will be cancelled ( please read below).

Right to Refuse Service

NRFT can refuse to offer its services and/or terminate its services to the guest(s) at any point for the following reasons: The guest(s) provide(s) false information through the application form when requesting a booking and/or e-mail exchanges with NRFT or the guide(s). The guest(s) attempt(s) to profit or gain monetarily from NRFT services or operate(s) a business which attempts to profit or gain from NRFT services. Guest(s) don’t show the reservation ticket (mobile or printed). Guest(s) is part of big party, the free tour is a format for couples and families, not for constituted groups. The guest(s) act “Inappropriate Conduct” and/or do not follow the “Dress Code”.

Inappropriate Conduct

NRFT and its guides reserve the right to reject the guest(s) exhibit any of the following behavior:

  • Unsafe or Illegal Behavior.
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behavior or advances. This includes sexual behavior initiated by the guest(s) toward the guide, occurring among the guest(s) and or that initiated by the guest(s) toward persons outside of the tour group.
  • Drug Abuse.
  • Smoke. NRFT free walk is no-smoking tour, smoking is not allowed during the whole tour.
  • Food. No eating food during the whole tour, no exceptions.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed during the whole tour, the free tour offered by NRFT is not a Pub Crawl.
  • ANY CONDUCT, BEHAVIOR, or ACTION that the guide feels is inappropriate or offensive or reflects poorly upon his or her self or NRFT or reflects not respect for the city of Rome, its monuments and Churches.

Dress Code

For the city centre PM Tour, please be ready to follow the appropriated dress code, when required. Short skirts and short pants are not allowed, the same goes for sleeveless shirts. Guest(s) must be sure to have a jacket or a polo or simply a scarf to wear around shoulder and/or waist. Knee length for pants and skirts. The guest(s) who don’t follow the dress code can’t be part of the free tour.

Multiple Bookings

Guest can make only one ( 1 ) reservation per each tour, AM and / or PM, for no more than the maximal number of people allowed in the party (no more than 6 – six people travelling together). Multiple bookings for the same tour are not allowed and will be subject of full cancellation. Name, email and IP Address will be black listed.

Wheelchair and Stroller

Due the itinerary it is not possible to attend our Free tour with strollers and wheelchairs.

Infants and Children

Children under 10 are not allowed to join the tour for insurance reason.

Statement of Limited Liability

NRFT and its guides are not responsible for any illnesses, injuries, thefts, losses, or any resulting damages incurred by the guest(s) while using NRFT services. The guest(s) accept(s) full responsibility for any damages, injuries, or losses that guest(s) may incur while using NRFT services. NRFT and its guides are not responsible for any closure of sites, monuments, Churches and venues which NRFT free walk visit, not limited to but may include inability to access certain areas due public Holidays, protest, manifestation, extreme weather condition, or may due to areas being covered or obstructed from public view ( e. g. sites being restore, under construction, etc. )

Cases in which NRFT may be unable to provide a guide

NRFT offers one (1) free tour per day all year round in any acceptable weather condition, however in extreme circumstances NRFT may be unable to provide a guide to the guest(s), not limited to but may in case of storm, heavily hail, quakes, General Strike, flood, heavily snow, natural disaster.

Acceptance of Policies, Terms and Conditions of New Rome Free Tour (NRFT)

I, the guest, by booking the free tour offered by NRFT do hereby state my absolute acceptance of the policies, terms and conditions of NEW ROME FREE TOUR (NRFT) as outlined in this agreement.

Guide reserves the right to refuse or eject any participants that don’t respect these rules for the comfort of others.